Training And SOP Manager Head Office



As a Training & SOP Development Manager will be primarily responsible for all training and SOP development activities at Talize Inc. The Manager is responsible for developing, updating, planning, and implementing; training programs and standard operating procedure documentation for the organization. He/She will manage the document control system including identification, approval, distribution and obsolescence of controlled documents (policies, procedures, job aids, reference material, training materials, etc.); manages communication of documentation review and approvals; and monitors and reports tracking on documentation changes and provides senior management with analysis. Other responsibilities will include: collaborate with management staff to assess and facilitate employee training needs; oversee performance of gap analysis, job analysis, and appraisal schemes; and regularly consult with management to identify training gaps. The Training and Development Manager will ensure all training and development programs are developed or purchased in a cost-effective manner, assessing the return on investment of all programs to ensure maximum benefit to employees and the organization.




·       Oversee the competencies framework for the organization 

·       Develop, implement, and monitor training programs organization-wide

·       Identify and assess current and future training and development needs of the organization

·       Produce training materials for in-house training

·       Design and Develop organization wide Standard Operating Procedures step by step with instructions complied by the organization.

·       Creates, manages and updates documentation within the document control system. Partners with key business units to manage change(s), solicit feedback and ensures compliance and integrity of content. Facilitates document management analysis to senior management, document and recommend potential solutions for process improvement. Ensures material(s) are effective, current and relevant. Develops flowcharts, organizational charts and other tools useful in organizing and defining operational processes. 

·       Evaluates information to determine compliance with standards using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes are in compliance. Identifies and validates information and makes recommendations for changes and/or updates. Develops specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish tasks.

·       Uses effective communication. Understands written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents. Communicate effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience. Understands the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making. Verbally communicates with others to convey information effectively. Reads and understands written information and ideas.

·       Evaluate outsourced training options to determine the best decision for Talize Limited Partnership

·       Oversee the development and administration of job analyses, appraisal schemes, etc. to identify training and development needs

·       Consult with managers and other members of the human resources team to determine needs

·       Work with management staff to determine training gaps in existing training and make amendments to ensure proper training is delivered to all staff

·       Develop and organize training manuals, educational materials, and any other items used for training

·       Oversee the orientation program for all new hires, evaluating its effectiveness and implementing changes as needed

·       Evaluate instructors’ performances and effectiveness of training programs being delivered, working towards continuous improvements

·       Develop annual budgets and plans for the training and development department

·       Other duties as assigned


required skills and competencies:

·       5+ years of Learning and development experience including designing and development of training programs and documentation

·       3+ years of experience in creating SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for Retail Organizations

·       Experience delivering and developing end use training materials

·       Ability to write in explanatory and procedural styles for multiple audiences.

·       Strong communication skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively across functional areas.

·       Demonstrated experience in editing and writing skills with a proven ability to communicate complex technical data into simple language.

·       Experience facilitating and delivering learning objectives.

·       Handle Multiple projects simultaneously within established time constraints

·       Strong Problem and critical thinking skills

·       Formal Presentation skills


·       Bachelor degree in Instructional Design, Organizational Development, or related filed, Advance degree in education or curriculum design or related field.

·       Proficient computer skills including, Microsoft Office and excel.

·       Exceptional attention to detail ability to understand a big picture

·       Self-Starter and highly adaptive

·       Strong Team work and leadership skills

·       Flexible and willing to work extended hours when necessary

·       Comfortable in Travelling to locations across Ontario when needed.