Are you tired of looking at the back of your closet and seeing clothes that you haven’t worn in years?  Are you struggling to close kitchen cabinets because they are full of old dishes?  Are your children’s toys and books from childhood, collecting dust?  At Talize, we offer one simple solution to fix these and similar issues.  Donate them.  We understand that sometimes the process of donating becomes a daunting task, however, keep in mind that rather than throwing the “good stuff” in the trash, donate it for someone else to enjoy.

At Talize, we see the VALUE of donations as well as the ease in which it needs to be done.  This is why we have made donating easy and effortless as well as rewarding.  

As a Thank You for these donations we offer our donors a $5 off coupon towards their next purchase with us. Several times per year we also offer our donors a 30% off coupon for donating a minimum of 2 large bags.  We also provide fundraising programs to our local community’s.

What you give when you donate:

Aside from decluttering your own homes and spaces, by donating, you are also helping the environment by keeping items out of the landfills; we have been able to keep millions pounds of clothing; books; toys and more out of our landfills.  The impact that will have on our earth will be felt for generations to come. If that isn’t enough you also help give a child receive a wish


Monday to Saturday_____________9 am to 9 pm

Sunday________________________10 am to 6 pm (ON)

Sunday________________________10 am to  7pm (BC)


Items we do not accept*

Now your items can become defining pieces in someone else’s home, wardrobe or bookshelf. Although we truly appreciate you donating your unneeded items to Talize, unfortunately there are some items that we cannot accept:


Household items:

  • Mattresses (any)

  • Furniture (any)

  • Appliances (Large)

  • Building Material/Debris

  • Large Tube TV’s

  • Computers

  • Computer Components

  • Paint or Hazardous Materials

  • Mini-Blinds

  • Household Garbage

  • Very Dirty, Wet or Obviously Broken Items

Health items:

  • Blood pressure testing

  • Diabetes testing, etc.


  • Car Seats

  • High Chairs

  • Cribs

  • Playpens

  • Safety Gates

  • Strollers

  • Exersaucers, etc.

Any safety items including:

  • Helmets

  • Smoke detectors

  • CO2 detectors, etc.

Gardening Machinery:

  • Lawnmowers

  • WeedWackers, etc.

*Please contact your local store if you have any questions regarding acceptable and non-acceptable donations. We reserve the right to politely refuse items that do not meet our standards. We are trying to maintain the balance between your donation and our staff and store safety and our ability to properly dispose or recycle the items.