The Children’s Wish Foundation is a uniquely Canadian charity that helps Canadian children, families and communities by granting the favourite wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. With every wish that they grant, Children’s Wish Foundation create moments of joy that ease the pain of a child, give respite to the child’s family, and connect healthcare professionals and communities in that burning wish of hope.

Established in 1984, as they approached their 30-year milestone, Children’s Wish Foundation granted the 25,000th wish to a child living with a life-threatening illness. Every wish is as unique as the child making it, from finally getting to cuddle with grandparents who live far away to hitting a puck with a favourite hockey player. In the often painful life of a seriously ill child, these wishes have made a tremendous difference.

Talize proudly support the Children's Wish


Talize is a proud supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Through this partnership, Talize has contributed over $1.5 Million to this date since its inception in 2005. Talize as an organization is working on increasing awareness of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

At the heart and centre of Talize is the Children’s Wish and we are committed to help bring children’s dreams to life. Give back. Give well. Give often.

June Wish Story

“Our trip was absolutely amazing. When Shane first said he wanted to go to Seattle I was wondering how we would make a family trip out of it. What would be exciting about visiting the windy, rainy city with six kids, besides the visit to Bungie? I must say it was above all of our expectations. Not only did we enjoy being able to walk out our front door and explore the city, it was the uninterrupted family time and carefree days being together that I will never forget. We did what we wanted and ate what we wanted, when we wanted, and didn’t have to worry about anything. Children’s wish covered every detail of the trip making travel with a family of eight an enjoyable experience.
Shane’s favorite part of the trip was the visit to Bungie Studios where he was able to see how audio was made for games, see where all the magic happens with developers, dress up in a motion capture suit and try new releases for games that have not yet been made public. He said he enjoyed how friendly everyone there was and was amazed at how fun it must be to work there. They made it an unforgettable family experience! "