Love fashion? Scratch that – do you live for fashion? Better yet – do you enjoy the thrill of finding something that will ignite envy in friends and amaze fellow fashionistas? Do you Instagram your outfits of the day, Pin them on Pinterest, share just about everything on Facebook and tweet all of your style finds? 

If you read the above and thought: ‘oh my goodness, how did Talize get their hands on the ‘About Me’ section on my Tumblr account?’ Then we are inviting you to become a Talize Brand Ambassador! What does that mean? We want you to enjoy special treatment, including fab discounts, deals and serious coverage on our blog and social media pages as a Talize Brand Ambassador! 

What is Talize? If you are not familiar with us, we are a thrift store located across Ontario and BC (London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Whitby, Brampton, Mississauga, Kingston, Langley BC, Peterborough and Delta BC). Our target audience is young adults and families that are on the hunt for a unique, inexpensive piece to enhance their wardrobe and are looking to stretch a dollar. 

To be a Brand Ambassador you must have a YouTube channel or blog that you channel your fabulous self on a regular basis. We will provide you with a gift card to use at our store to get some Fab Finds, DIY project or the perfect outfit! 

What do you do? We want you to be creative! Make a blog post, film a haul, make a follow me around the store or create a lookbook showcasing the items you purchased with us! 

Once you create your post, we will showcase it on our platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and our blog section of our website! 

If your interested, contact us at