Trending Threads: Blue Jeans

Spring is here and your winter wardrobe needs to go.

To embark on a fresh spring look it is good to start out with the basics. A pair of well fitted blue jeans is a smart place to start. Spring 2015 is making a comeback with retro denim such as the bell bottom flair as well as the jean jumpsuit. To pull off the bell bottom style just remember a wider flare balances fuller hips and a funky pair of wedges will make your whole outfit seem like an episode from “That 70”s Show”. The jean jumpsuit will definitely make a statement for you, however if you want something a little more low key then the Canadian tuxedo is for you. Denim on denim is now a hit look on many, either dressing it up with heels and a bright lip or dressing down with flip flops and a baseball hat the look works for many occasions.