DIY Experiments with Thrift Store Clothing Items that You Can Actually Use

There’s an endless sea of opportunities and DIY tricks that one can perform on thrift store clothing items. And we at Talize always go out of our way to find our cherished shoppers unique, vintage and antique second hand items to add up to their home décor and wardrobe.

Take a look at some exciting DIY tricks:

Denim Experiments

Pick out some worn old denim jeans from Talize thrift store, and cut off the zipper area to insert it atop a breezy cotton dress. You can explore plenty of options, pick out a white fabric since denim looks irresistibly voguish on white, or play around with brighter hues to create a bold pop of colour. You can use this trick to make plenty of denim dresses for yourself and the kids. And if you want to create an even hotter outfit, pick out a denim jacket, cut off the sleeves, and sew it onto the dress for a sleeveless upper body. Or you can turn it into a sleeveless top to be worn with dresses, and skirts.

Cosy Accessories

Instead of buying new mittens, gloves and leg warmers, you can always pick out some cosy old woollen cardigans and sweaters from a second hand store, Talize for instance, and turn them into a wide range of warm accessories. For instance, you can make warm pairs of bright leg warmers, fingerless gloves and much more.






Adorable Aprons

Grab all the shirts that you can find in a thrift store, and be sure to pick out an energetic variety comprising of bright colours, plaid prints, graphic quotes and all the other designs you won’t find on a conventional apron. Now, cut off the sleeves, and back, and leave the collar and the button down style intact to give the apron an irresistibly chic vibe. Then, all you have to do is add up to stripes to tie it up from the bag, and voila, your adorable apron is ready to be flaunted in the kitchen!

Upcycled Knit Wear

You can revamp woollen thrift store sweaters and cardigans to create hundreds of preppy outfits. For instance, you can cut out the sleeves, and sew them onto your old dress shirt or dresses bought from a second hand store. Or you can cut the sweater into patches, and use them to make a warm and colourful patch quilt or a patch dress perhaps. You can even use knitwear to create funky bottoms, like mini-skirts, or patches on your old pants.


A Burst of Colours

If you’re someone who loves fabric painting, you’re going to love this trick. Pick out some plain white tee-shirts and get as artsy as you can. You can bleach dye the ends to create a gorgeous abstract effect, or through on random colour spurts to make it a complete abstract delight. But if you’re creative enough, you can paint delicate flowers, cartoons and much more.