Spring 2017: Upcoming Spring Trends in Fashion

We can't predict fashion, as it keeps on changing with every new season. At times, we see 360 degree curve in fashion trends while some season leaves us in a real shock. However, we must say that fashion changes, but style remain the same. Spring 2017 is almost here and we've gathered latest trend ideas which you may follow this season.

Fashion depicts your lifestyle, and if you are a reasonable personality who people see for some new ideas whether for accessories, shoe wear, clothing, or even home décor.

Spring always alarms about the blooming flowers and regeneration of plantation and fashion makes a nature priority.

  • Blossoms/Pink/Flora

Fresh, vibrant and shocking pink floral patternsmust be in your closet with solid or plain leggings. Thisseason always welcome floral generation and particularly when its PINK, it boosts an exotic charm inyour personality. The blossom prints with an updated version of seventies in a typical loose cut flirty style, would make you stand out among all.

  • Slogan Generation on Tops

In 2016, slogans took place instead of Logos by many designers on the runways. We have seen some famous names like Michael Kors, Dior which made their runways more meaningful and delivered slogans and messages printed on their outfits.  This spring 2017, street style slogans will rule on your Tees, jackets and leggings. Be a messenger this Spring.

  • Phone cases are more than just a case

Designers have discovered that people don’t want to carry a lot of stuff except their phones when going outside. They came up with an idea to make phone cases more than just a case, but make them even more productive and useful by giving it the shape of mini phone bags. You can add your ID card, License, and MasterCard along your phone. Keep it compact and cute.

  • Khakis are your bottoms this spring


The inspiration of Khaki's comes a long way after 2010. We have seen khakis on the runways this spring along the tops of darker shades of maroon, olive green, black and other bold tones. High waist khakis are like new jeans for this spring 2017 in fashion and you must hold them in your closet with the vibrant tops.