Happy New Year From Talize!

The New Year is almost here! It’s a brand new start with lots of potential and promise. What better time to get your friends and family gifts to kick-start the New Year?

You don’t need to break the while you are at it. Shop around Taliza stores and you’ll get the perfect gift for everyone in the family. Here are a few gift ideas from Taliza that say Happy New Year.

Although it might take a bit of digging to find the perfect item, the potential of finding something magnificent makes the search totally worth it. Searching though racks of second hand items is a lot more enjoyable than a drudgery walk through department stores at the mall. Plus shopping for clothes at any of Talize’s stores leaves plenty of cash on your wallet to buy other goodies.

You can never go wrong with a few pieces of glassware. A funky glassware dish set is the perfect way to say happy New Year to your mom or favorite aunty. Shopping at thrift stores is the perfect way to unearth really unique pieces you won’t find in local stores. You can add a few linen items to complete the gift, or even wrap the glassware!

Who would say no to vintage décor? You can spruce it up with a few bits your recipient loves to complete the New Year’s gift. Shopping on thrift stores and flea markets is your gateway to awesome vintage décor presents like shoe shaped containers, China dolls, and lots more.

What better way to say Happy New Year to your loved one than with a book? At Talize’s thrift stores, you can score loads of books for pennies on the dollar. If you are lucky, and a hard searcher, you can unearth real finds like classical first editions that would set you back a chunk of change at the bookstore.

Gifts for the kiddos are a hit and miss affair. Why break the bank on the latest toy which the kids will quickly outgrow while you can buy dozens of toys at the thrift store? You can get wagons full of toys with funky toys that will keep the little munchkins entertained for hours on end?

Thrift stores are practically overflowing with hand knitted goodies and crocheted items. You already know each one came from loving hands, and most of them are as good as new. Grab a few and they’ll sure find make an adorable and cozy gift.