Pocket-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas from the Talize Store

If you are like most of us, shopping for holiday gifts sure puts you in that hype and spirit of the holiday. I know some of you are thinking of going all in with their gifts this season, but did you know holiday shopping does not have to put a huge dent in your bank account? There’s a wonderful way to watch your carbon footprint, snag a steal of a bargain, give to charity, and support your community, all wrapped into one - get second-hand gifts from a Talize store across the nation. Here are some frugal gift ideas to help make your holiday shopping experience effortlessly easy and fun.

Tie for Men

You would be surprised by the amazing men’s ties that you can find at Talize Thrift stores. Of course, gifting a tie to men never gets stale. They’ll need them for work, dinner dates, gala celebrations, and much more. And the best part is that these ties cost practically nothing in a thrift store. More often than not, you’ll find sizzling designer labels as well. Don’t forget to hunt for bargains on cufflinks and tie tacks to go with your tie gift.

Framed Art

Framed art always make for a sizzling holiday gift, and plenty in most thrift stores. Don’t worry about the hideous artwork that most of them have; you will replace it with your home-printed family photo or superior artwork. For most people, a wooden frame would do just fine.


You will find a huge variety of vases in most Talize stores. These second-hand vases usually go for less than $3. Look out for any cracks before you checkout at the till.

A Good Read

You would not believe the fabulous books that are stocked in our stores. Because most thrift store workers don’t have the time to price the books accordingly, you might find an inexpensive read that goes for $300 at Barnes & Noble! From recipe books to novellas and everything in between, thrift stores are your one-stop-shop for holiday book gifts.


Most thrift stores have a massive infusion of costume jewelry, from earrings to necklaces and restringed pearls. Your loved ones, spouses, friends or family, will enjoy finding favorite jewelry in their gift boxes. This season, go for vintage earring, rhinestone brooch, and pearl necklaces.


If you have been to most thrift stores, you will notice that they have a huge collection of random dinnerware. If you have a good eye for excellent pieces of china, you will find inexpensive dinnerware gifts for your family, friends and colleagues.