Holiday Season Decoration Ideas Using Items from the Thrift Store

When it comes to holiday decoration, a thrift shop is really the best place to find fabulous and cool decor for a fraction of the cost you would incur in a retail store. And don’t we all love to save a little cash. Well, if you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know Talize is all about hassle-free thrift shopping experience. It’s our foremost desire to offer all frugal shoppers an exciting opportunity to buy second-hand items without breaking the bank, all while contributing to charity and supporting an environmentally-friendly shopping approach. That aside, this blog post is all about the hunt for holiday decor treasures. Read on to learn more about holiday season decoration ideas using thrift store finds.


No matter what you are thankful for this holiday season, wreaths are a must-have decor. Of course, it goes without saying that wreaths are a Christmas staple, and one that’s found in plenty in most Talize stores. And the best part is that you can score a huge variety of wreaths for pennies on the dollar. Don’t forget bowed up wreaths can be quite a sight on your front door.


No holiday decoration can be complete without a riot of ornaments. And, boy, do you need lots of them! However, that shouldn’t be a big deal because Talize stores got you covered. Here, you will find glass ornaments that come in a massive variety of colors, sizes, and much more. With them, your holiday decoration options are simply limitless. You can use them as vase fillers, place them majestically on the Christmas tree or even hot glue them to wreaths. Even if you don’t like the original color, a spray paint can do the trick.

Vintage Holiday Tins

Wonder where you’ll put all those cookies made by grandma? Done! Whether they taste like an old piece of cardboard or heavenly on your mouth, when you put the cookies in an elegant vintage tin, it certainly adds a touch of flair.

Holiday Baskets

Holiday gift baskets have grown to become the staple of every holiday season. But, holiday baskets can make for sizzling holiday decor too. They are fantastic for building table centerpieces and cute little vignettes.


Needless to say Talize Thrift shops house a huge variety of tablecloths. With these thrifty finds, you can simply transform every facet of your home, adding a little touch of own style and flare.

Candle Holders

Make your holiday decor epic by adding a little rustic light from candles. With a fabulous selection of candle holders in Talize stores, you are in for a treat.