Thrift Winter Fashion - Now Is the Best Time to Shop at Talize!

As 2016 comes to a dramatic close, most of us are preparing ourselves to brace the chilly yet exhilarating winter months. Well, don't let the biting cold dampen your holiday mood; it's that time again that we all need to add a touch of chic flair, style, and sass to our closets. And, here at Talize, we want to remind you that your wallet shouldn't define your winter style.
That's right - the burgeoning number of Talize Thrift stores across the nation offers everyone - from the bargain hunter, the budget shopper to the green buyer - a variety of affordable winter fashion accessories, outfits, and so much more. Let’s be honest; we all want to look fabulous without going deep into our pockets. So, let’s look at a few winter fashion outfits you can find at most thrift shops. Even before we delve right into it, it’s noteworthy to know that winter fashion is all about layering.

Long Sleeve Cotton Shirts

If you keep a tab on what’s happening in most fall and winter fashion runways, you will notice that long sleeve cotton shirts always make a cut. Talize Thrift shops feature a riot of these sizzling fashion accessories that’ll give you that chic look without breaking your bank. Don’t forget to snag a few bargains in your favorite colors this winter (well, if you don’t have a preferred color, you can never go wrong with basic ones - blue, red, white, and black).

Button Downs

A white or black button down is indispensable to every closet this winter. The allure of button downs lies in their coziness and flair of chic style. When it comes to a variety of button downs, Talize shops are king. Here, you can garner these fashion items in an array of dazzling colors, beautiful buttons, and stylish cuffs. Even better, you can have fun jazzing up their collars with favorite jewelry accessories to add a touch of flare.

Skinny Jeans

Oh, skinny jeans - the highlight of every winter fashion! This winter, go for boot cut jeans or skinny jeans to rock with your fabulous winter boots. They go perfectly well with long sleeve cotton shirts, sweaters or even long, open front sweater-vests.

Denim Jackets

You can find tons of denim jackets in racks and shelves of every Talize shop. The good thing is, denim jackets certainly make layering effortlessly easy. Try faded pieces of denim or darker colors to match up to wintry conditions. Complete your outfit with a befitting scarf.