Our Commitment to a Greener Environment Is Unrelenting - How Talize Is in It for the Long Haul

As bargain hunters and thrift shoppers gear up for the hustle and bustles of the holiday shopping season, here at Talize, we are excited to trigger the conversation around the subject of sustainability and green environmental initiatives. Even before we delve right into it, all our locations pride themselves on staying on the environmental cutting edge, from relentless recycling efforts to sustainability measures and everything in between.

Today, we thought we’d let you know of some of the efforts and ways Talize use to showcase its commitment to a greener environment and sustainability in the long run.

Less Carbon Footprint

To start off, most of our supplies are carried out in huge bulks that make sure that less haulage is involved. This way, we can lower our transportation costs while dialing down our carbon footprint in terms of fuel spent and carbons spewed into the environment. All our facilities also run energy efficient, state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems.

We Recycle Virtually Everything

Sure, we are all about bringing affordable outfits, home decor products, and much more, closer to many Canadian thrift shoppers. Of course, you can garner yourself bargain finds, and sometimes a diamond in the rough in our stores, but once in a while, we are unable to move some items off the shelves. As you might expect, we recycle practically all these items that we fail to sell.

That means all the metal, electronics, housewares, books, shoes, clothes, purses, and other clothing accessories are all recycled. In fact, an incisive look at the numbers shows that we recycle more than an incredible 2 million pounds of items from every store each year! All these things would otherwise find its way into our landfills. So, that translates to a whopping 80 million lbs that Talize has helped to keep out of our local landfills since its inception in 2005.