Ingenious Home DIYs Made from Thrift Store Acquisitions

Our love for thrift stores is three-prong: not only do we enjoy finding sizzling bargain finds, but they also help us decorate our homes on DIY budgets, and to live greener, fuller lives.

In the spirit of recycling and avoiding wastage, we thought we’d roundup a few ingenious home DIYs that you can craft using typical thrift store finds.

Recycling Old Trays DIY Ideas

We know some of us bargain hunters still horde some of those hand-me-downs from grandma. The problem, however, is that we are poised to get rid of them at some point. Perhaps you are remodeling your kitchen or moving to a smaller house. What to do with old trays?



Create a Fabulous Jewelry Holder

Spray metallic paint or add vintage fabric on your old dish, and what you get is an elegant DIY holder for all your jewelry finds. It’s spacious enough to hold a variety of jewelry and other fashion accessories but also sufficiently appealing to find a spot on your nightstand.

 DIY “What’s for Dinner” Board

Spray paint your old tray with blackboard paint to garner an ingenious board to jot down your daily family dinner menu.

 DIY Pebble Mat

Here’s the best part: you can fill your old trays with pebbles and rocks to come up with budget pebble mats for all your dirty shoes.

Canvas Your Drawers with Vintage Fabric and Brocade

Vintage fabric and brocade can be found in abundance in most thrift stores. These second-hand materials that you can garner from Talize can make for a sizzling, stylish, and practical lining for all your drawers. You might need a nailing gun and pins, though.

Decorate your Walls with Vintage Clocks

If you want to bring the 1970s classic look to your walls, you can find some vintage clocks from Talize. These affordable accessories come in a variety of designs, colors, finishes, and much more.

Create Pet Bed or Sofa from Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a dime a dozen at most thrift stores including Talize store. Easy DIY Tip: stitch all these subtle accessories to come up with a nifty sofa or a cozy bed for your four-legged friends.

Create Makeshift Nightstand from Old Suitcases

Oh yeah - those old suitcases that date back to the heydays of your grandpa are still valuable. Bundle a bunch of them to create a brilliant DIY nightstand.

What to Do With Old Trophies?

If you have a collection of trophies, you can plant some succulents or moss in some of them to add a flair of sass, style, and functionality to your home.