We understand that several of our customers are on tight budgets and because of this we offer all post-secondary students 10% off non sales items everyday!!

We offer all adults 55 or better 10% off non sales items everyday!!

Shop like normal with every eligible purchase you earn Talize Points.

Scan your Talize Points card when you make a purchase. For every dollar spent you get 20 Talize points.

You’ll be amazed how fast they add up. before you know it, you’ll be redeeming and saving even more at Talize!

Our Daily Managers Specials are store specific as they are driven by the market and sales of a particular location. The Manager Specials are also subject to change at any time throughout the day.

As a Thank You for these donations we offer our donors a $5.00 off coupon towards their next purchase with us. Several times per year we also offer our donors a 30% off coupon for donating a minimum of 2 large bags.



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