SCOOP! Talize Expanding to Langley, BC

By Jo-Anne Lauzer

Avid thrift shoppers will be thrilled to learn that Talize plans to open their second BC location in Langley later this summer.

This is terrific news on many levels. It means additional industry related jobs, a boost for the local economy, more opportunities to keep recyclable items out of the landfills, increased support for the Children’s Wish Foundation, and of course another wonderful shopping destination for savvy secondhand shoppers.

Founded in 2005, Talize is a Canadian owned and operated thrift store chain with 8 stores currently in operation (seven stores in Ontario and one in Delta, BC). As well as the new store currently under construction in Langley, there are two more being planned for Ontario in Kingston and Barrie.

The store in Delta, which opened its doors in 2006, recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Laurel Stan, who has been the Assistant Store Manager in Delta, is proud to be part of a supportive work culture that takes care of its staff and customers. According to Stan, “the Delta store has around 50 team members, with many having been here since we first opened as we like to promote from within.”

Even Stan herself has what she calls a “secondhand love story”, both she and her husband Eric Nykamp met while working at a rival thrift store before moving over to work for Talize in Hamilton, Ontario. Nykamp started at Talize in 2007 and Stan in 2008. And, in 2010 they leapt at the chance to relocate to BC to manage the Delta store. Nykamp is currently the Store Manager and Stan the Assistant Store Manager. Come this summer, Nykamp will become the District Manager and Stan the Store Manager for Langley.

And, true to promoting from within, Stan’s Assistant Store Manager in Langley will be Corrie-Lynn Parries who began working as a part-time cashier at the Delta location shortly after it first opened. Her mother, who also works with Talize, had encouraged her to take a part-time job while still in school.

There are other perks to working with Talize, such as staff discounts. However, Stan cautions that “there is a misconception that staff get first pick of all the good stuff. The truth is that they don’t get to buy anything until it has been on the floor for 24 hours.”

With over 25,000 square feet, Talize is able to showcase a large culturally diverse selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women (beautifully organized by size and colour). They also have an impressive section for children’s clothing and toys, bookcases filled with every type of book that you can imagine, rows and rows of vintage, retro and modern housewares, as well as a small back section with electronics and some small appliances.

The store relies on donations to keep itself well stocked with quality merchandise while also encouraging people to keep items out of landfills. They accept donations of gently used clothing and household goods which can be dropped off in a bin at the front of the store or if it is a larger donation it is best to take it to the back loading area. As a thank you for these donations, they offer donors a $5 off coupon towards their next purchase at the store.

There are also several purple donation bins around the city (look for the ones with the Children’s Wish Foundation logo). They cannot accept furniture or any kind of TV screen or baby items due to safety restrictions.

According to Stan, this is a high turnover industry with regular customers coming in weekly and many local dealers daily. “In the back rooms, we process 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of stock every day. It is important for us to keep fresh items coming out.” As a result, they have a large production team (25 to 30 staff) who are responsible for processing, sorting and pricing all of the incredible donations received on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, due to damage or other restrictions/issues, some items cannot be sold. For these items, Talize is equally committed to being environmentally conscious. Talize recycle as much as possible. Metal, electronics, books, housewares, cloth, shoes, purses and clothing accessories are all recycled. In fact, they recycle more than 1.5 million pounds of items per store that would otherwise be destined for the landfill each year. That works out to approximately 100M pounds of recycled goods that Talize has helped keep out of local landfills since its inception.

Donations not only support Talize’s commitment to a “greener environment”, they also help Talize raise much needed funds for a Canadian charity. According to Stan, “Talize is a proud platinum partner of the Children’s Wish Foundation and through this partnership, we have contributed over $1.5 Million to date.” The Children’s Wish Foundation helps children, families and communities by granting a wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Talize also likes to participate in local community events such as the Vancouver Halloween Parade.

There are many wonderful reasons to consider shopping at Talize, and I would like to add one more…their store wide sale which has everything in the store at half price. The next sale is coming up on Monday, March 27th at all of their store locations. Doors open at 7am until 9pm.

For more news on the Grand Opening of their store in Langley, I would suggest subscribing to their Enewsletter and liking their local page on Facebook.

Talize Delta (BC)


The spring-summer 2017 is fast approaching together with its prom fashion trends. And of course, we all want a wind of renewal and freshness in our outfits. This is good because the summer season looks promising in colors, materials, and inspirations. Trends, looks, clothes and accessories: everyone knows about the fashion trends of this summer season 2017.

Flashy colors

This year spring-summer looks Fashionable, colorful and flashy. Pink, yellow, blue, red or green are all perfect: we cannot hesitate to wear clothes in vibrant colors, and we can even try the color block look. For the most reluctant neon colors, you can always mix colored pieces with very trendy black, white or khaki clothes this year.

A marine wind


The trend of marine wears will be very fashionable for the spring-summer 2017. It's time to bring out your little wardrobe from the dressing room: a basic fashion forever. The blue color is also a must have this season. Seen on almost every designer show, it blends with all outfits, especially denim materials and white pieces like shorts or a skirt (long or short).

A golden touch

The fashion trend of spring-summer 2017 puts a little gold in many outfits. A gold touch that compliments the heathered dyed and brings a little warmth to the look. It is worn in small touches with jewelry, belts or golden shoes. You can also try the 100% golden clothes that bring a spirit "bling bling” to the outfit: sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants or skirts.

Flowers in all forms

For spring-summer 2017, the look is bloomy. In XL or Liberty, the colorful flowers bring joy and freshness to our summer outfits. We wear the floral print in total seventies look, or in small touches with pastel clothes, for an ultra chic result.

Asymmetrical ops

This spring-summer 2017 the trend "one shoulder" (skewed) will be honored. You should try to wear asymmetrical tops high enough and favors headbands bras. Of course, we also try to clear the neck with a bun or a braid for an even more feminine and sexy appearance.

Short Leather Skirt

This spring-summer 2017, a mini leather skirt should be considered. Mini skirt or mini leather shorts; as it is fondly called plays the game thoroughly, even during the day. To break the dark and strict side of this material, it is combined with cotton lace pieces and sandals both trendy for spring-summer. Nothing prevents you from dropping the sandals for High heels, such as wedge shoes but very short ones. 

 CONCLUSION: The final step in putting together your spring fashion look is to pick out jewelry and accessories. To get the most value from your jewelry and accessories you will want to select pieces that can be used to create several different outfits. You will also want to select different pieces to put together a day look, an evening look, and an extra special occasion look.

DIY Experiments with Thrift Store Clothing Items that You Can Actually Use

There’s an endless sea of opportunities and DIY tricks that one can perform on thrift store clothing items. And we at Talize always go out of our way to find our cherished shoppers unique, vintage and antique second hand items to add up to their home décor and wardrobe.

Take a look at some exciting DIY tricks:

Denim Experiments

Pick out some worn old denim jeans from Talize thrift store, and cut off the zipper area to insert it atop a breezy cotton dress. You can explore plenty of options, pick out a white fabric since denim looks irresistibly voguish on white, or play around with brighter hues to create a bold pop of colour. You can use this trick to make plenty of denim dresses for yourself and the kids. And if you want to create an even hotter outfit, pick out a denim jacket, cut off the sleeves, and sew it onto the dress for a sleeveless upper body. Or you can turn it into a sleeveless top to be worn with dresses, and skirts.

Cosy Accessories

Instead of buying new mittens, gloves and leg warmers, you can always pick out some cosy old woollen cardigans and sweaters from a second hand store, Talize for instance, and turn them into a wide range of warm accessories. For instance, you can make warm pairs of bright leg warmers, fingerless gloves and much more.






Adorable Aprons

Grab all the shirts that you can find in a thrift store, and be sure to pick out an energetic variety comprising of bright colours, plaid prints, graphic quotes and all the other designs you won’t find on a conventional apron. Now, cut off the sleeves, and back, and leave the collar and the button down style intact to give the apron an irresistibly chic vibe. Then, all you have to do is add up to stripes to tie it up from the bag, and voila, your adorable apron is ready to be flaunted in the kitchen!

Upcycled Knit Wear

You can revamp woollen thrift store sweaters and cardigans to create hundreds of preppy outfits. For instance, you can cut out the sleeves, and sew them onto your old dress shirt or dresses bought from a second hand store. Or you can cut the sweater into patches, and use them to make a warm and colourful patch quilt or a patch dress perhaps. You can even use knitwear to create funky bottoms, like mini-skirts, or patches on your old pants.


A Burst of Colours

If you’re someone who loves fabric painting, you’re going to love this trick. Pick out some plain white tee-shirts and get as artsy as you can. You can bleach dye the ends to create a gorgeous abstract effect, or through on random colour spurts to make it a complete abstract delight. But if you’re creative enough, you can paint delicate flowers, cartoons and much more.


Spring 2017: Upcoming Spring Trends in Fashion

We can't predict fashion, as it keeps on changing with every new season. At times, we see 360 degree curve in fashion trends while some season leaves us in a real shock. However, we must say that fashion changes, but style remain the same. Spring 2017 is almost here and we've gathered latest trend ideas which you may follow this season.
Fashion depicts your lifestyle, and if you are a reasonable personality who people see for some new ideas whether for accessories, shoe wear, clothing, or even home décor.
Spring always alarms about the blooming flowers and regeneration of plantation and fashion makes a nature priority.
  • Blossoms/Pink/Flora

Fresh, vibrant and shocking pink floral patternsmust be in your closet with solid or plain leggings. Thisseason always welcome floral generation and particularly when its PINK, it boosts an exotic charm inyour personality. The blossom prints with an updated version of seventies in a typical loose cut flirty style, would make you stand out among all.

  • Slogan Generation on Tops

In 2016, slogans took place instead of Logos by many designers on the runways. We have seen some famous names like Michael Kors, Dior which made their runways more meaningful and delivered slogans and messages printed on their outfits.  This spring 2017, street style slogans will rule on your Tees, jackets and leggings. Be a messenger this Spring.

  • Phone cases are more than just a case

Designers have discovered that people don’t want to carry a lot of stuff except their phones when going outside. They came up with an idea to make phone cases more than just a case, but make them even more productive and useful by giving it the shape of mini phone bags. You can add your ID card, License, and MasterCard along your phone. Keep it compact and cute.

  • Khakis are your bottoms this spring

The inspiration of Khaki's comes a long way after 2010. We have seen khakis on the runways this spring along the tops of darker shades of maroon, olive green, black and other bold tones. High waist khakis are like new jeans for this spring 2017 in fashion and you must hold them in your closet with the vibrant tops.



Tips for Thrift Shopping

We all love shopping to such an extent that it actually make sour mood happy but it can get happier if the items we purchase come at reasonable prices. There are many stores which provide variety of things at a reasonable rate, such type store is Talize which contains a great variety to fulfill your daily based and luxury requirements all under one roof at the most cost-effective rate. Well, here are the tips to ponder while you go out for the thrift shopping:

Shop from Talize. You are a thrift shopper, Talize is the best place to opt for. Its good pricing in each department makes it an exclusive choice for shopping for the majority. It is the finest place to go shopping with your family and friends no matter what you want for your home or for yourself, it’s just all there under one roof.

Take out a good time! Keep it in mind that thrift stores are loaded with people, in order to make your way up to the counters you really need to take out spare time to shop easily. It’s not the place to rush around and do a two minute shopping, so it is best to get enough time to visit all departments and do the shopping with ease.

Second hands does not mean “used”. Before you start shopping clear it in your mind that second hand things are not always the used ones. There are many items which are just rated ‘malfunctioned’ just because they don’t meet the market quality expectations. With the minor changes if you are getting the same thing at a very reasonable price, then it means you are wise enough to shop from here.

Find out which days the thrift store replenishes its stock. Ask a store team member or the manager for this information, he can advise you best at it. If you know ahead of time which days the store brings in new stuff, you can arrange to get to the store early and find what you want before everything is picked over. Thrift stores easily run out of sizes in attire department so it is always good to go early to get your desired size especially in clothing.

Analyze the item well. No matter what you buy look over each thing to check for stains, loose seams, design flaws or signs of damage. Also, don't buy clothing that looks faded. When you can find the best, why settle for mediocre? 

Try before you buy. It is highly recommended to try on the clothing before you buy so you can know how good does it fit. If you have taken the time for the thrift shopping then make you try the things too before spending money on them.

Thrift shopping is a great experience, enjoy it to the core and take along your family and friends so you can do a happy shopping together.