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History and Importance of Earth Day

What is Earth Day?

The Earth Day is celebrated each year on the 22nd of April, which is the birth anniversary of the environmental movement that started in the year 1970. The founder of this day was Gaylord Nelson. The U.S. was completely oblivious of how its development methods are affecting the environment; pollution was considered as a sign of development and there were frequent oil spills. This moved the then U.S. senator to come up with some check and balance as to what impact development has and actually hold the people responsible for their actions. In 1990, Earth Day went global and included around 141 countries and that proved to be quite an important year since the countries realized how vital recycling is for the environment and they actually made an effort to make recycling possible.

How Can We Recycle?

There are several ways we can recycle different materials, which are a part of our day-to-day life. We can recycle paper since it’s the most used item and it is quite simple to recycle; there are several methods of recycling paper and most of them are possible to do at home. Shredded paper can be kept around plants in your garden, which will decompose and help the plants to grow. Recycling paper helps to save trees and conserve other natural resources as well.

Glass can be recycled numerous times compared to plastic, which cannot be repeatedly used since it can be very harmful for health. However, glass can be reused and the recycled glass is even cheaper than using raw materials.

Why is Recycling Important?

Recycling is very important for the environment and for living a sustainable life without destroying the Earth and its resources. It helps in energy conservation because companies do not have to produce goods from natural resources and that uses less energy so recycling also helps to cut down costs. It reduces creation of landfills; the waste in landfills emits harmful greenhouse gases, which can be reduced by recycling. It helps preserve the natural habitat of animals and rainforests can be preserved. Moreover, the extreme pollution that is caused by the irresponsibility of companies and their lack of seriousness about this issue, the ozone layer is depleted beyond repair and that exposes people to severe skin diseases. If everyone starts recycling, even the basic items that are used at home, that can have a multiplied effect on at least maintaining the ozone layer in its current state and not ruining it further.

Easy Inspirations to Turn Your Thrift Bargains into Easter Delights

Easter is just around the corner and we need to start stocking up our style and décor items to make the most of this festive season.

Here are some amazing DIY second hand store ideas to try out this Easter:

Easter Bunny Shirts

Children love nothing more than glittery and sparkly Easter bunny shirts, and instead of buying new ones that they’ll probably wear no more than twice a year, why not find a good thrift bargain, and get started on making one of our own? It’s very simple, you can pick out plain white tees or work with a colorful or stripe-filled tee-shirt.

You can buy glittery bunny-inspired sew-ons from your local Talize, and then, all that’s left to do is sew them on, and create some more bunny art or use stamping techniques. For a baby girl, you can make up lots of bows and pink bunnies, and for boys, keep the outfit in blue-tones. Opportunities are endless, you can make cute little stars with sequins scattered around, Easter eggs, glittery hearts and so much more.

Vibrant Twirls

Give your baby girls a twirl-worthy moment this Easter with colorful tutu skirts paired up with bright tops, or a bright-hued maxi dress that has lovely lace accents. Talize allows you to shop a lovely myriad of second hand dresses that allow you to match various patterns, fabrics and textures. Pick out the ones you think will flatter your baby girl, and start creating flowy maxi dresses and skirt suits. You can even create a patchwork delight by mixing up different patterns and prints.

Goodie Bags

Pick out some colorful socks, gloves, mittens, knit sweaters and leg warmers from Talize, and turn them into Easter Bunny goodie bags to hand out desserts and sweets to the kids. You can cut them up and do a little bit of sewing to turn them into little pouches, and then get creative with laces, bows and glittery patches to give them a delightful festive finish.

Easter Backdrops

Hosting a fun-filled Easter party for the kids, family and friends? You need a colorful backdrop, actually lots of them to make your Easter affair festive and create ample opportunities for good selfies. Pick out heaps of colorful clothes from second hand stores, make sure the fabric is very light and easy to cut through. Also, be sure to pick out all the Easter colors, such as pink, blue, green, yellow and some coral or red for an energetic pop. Now, cut them into strips and hang them on a wire or rope. You can even use this trick to create colorful tablecloths.

SCOOP! Talize Expanding to Langley, BC

By Jo-Anne Lauzer


Avid thrift shoppers will be thrilled to learn that Talize plans to open their second BC location in Langley later this summer.

This is terrific news on many levels. It means additional industry related jobs, a boost for the local economy, more opportunities to keep recyclable items out of the landfills, increased support for the Children’s Wish Foundation, and of course another wonderful shopping destination for savvy secondhand shoppers.

Founded in 2005, Talize is a Canadian owned and operated thrift store chain with 8 stores currently in operation (seven stores in Ontario and one in Delta, BC). As well as the new store currently under construction in Langley, there are two more being planned for Ontario in Kingston and Barrie.

The store in Delta, which opened its doors in 2006, recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Laurel Stan, who has been the Assistant Store Manager in Delta, is proud to be part of a supportive work culture that takes care of its staff and customers. According to Stan, “the Delta store has around 50 team members, with many having been here since we first opened as we like to promote from within.”

Even Stan herself has what she calls a “secondhand love story”, both she and her husband Eric Nykamp met while working at a rival thrift store before moving over to work for Talize in Hamilton, Ontario. Nykamp started at Talize in 2007 and Stan in 2008. And, in 2010 they leapt at the chance to relocate to BC to manage the Delta store. Nykamp is currently the Store Manager and Stan the Assistant Store Manager. Come this summer, Nykamp will become the District Manager and Stan the Store Manager for Langley.

And, true to promoting from within, Stan’s Assistant Store Manager in Langley will be Corrie-Lynn Parries who began working as a part-time cashier at the Delta location shortly after it first opened. Her mother, who also works with Talize, had encouraged her to take a part-time job while still in school.

There are other perks to working with Talize, such as staff discounts. However, Stan cautions that “there is a misconception that staff get first pick of all the good stuff. The truth is that they don’t get to buy anything until it has been on the floor for 24 hours.”

With over 25,000 square feet, Talize is able to showcase a large culturally diverse selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women (beautifully organized by size and colour). They also have an impressive section for children’s clothing and toys, bookcases filled with every type of book that you can imagine, rows and rows of vintage, retro and modern housewares, as well as a small back section with electronics and some small appliances.

The store relies on donations to keep itself well stocked with quality merchandise while also encouraging people to keep items out of landfills. They accept donations of gently used clothing and household goods which can be dropped off in a bin at the front of the store or if it is a larger donation it is best to take it to the back loading area. As a thank you for these donations, they offer donors a $5 off coupon towards their next purchase at the store.

There are also several purple donation bins around the city (look for the ones with the Children’s Wish Foundation logo). They cannot accept furniture or any kind of TV screen or baby items due to safety restrictions.

According to Stan, this is a high turnover industry with regular customers coming in weekly and many local dealers daily. “In the back rooms, we process 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of stock every day. It is important for us to keep fresh items coming out.” As a result, they have a large production team (25 to 30 staff) who are responsible for processing, sorting and pricing all of the incredible donations received on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, due to damage or other restrictions/issues, some items cannot be sold. For these items, Talize is equally committed to being environmentally conscious. Talize recycle as much as possible. Metal, electronics, books, housewares, cloth, shoes, purses and clothing accessories are all recycled. In fact, they recycle more than 1.5 million pounds of items per store that would otherwise be destined for the landfill each year. That works out to approximately 100M pounds of recycled goods that Talize has helped keep out of local landfills since its inception.

Donations not only support Talize’s commitment to a “greener environment”, they also help Talize raise much needed funds for a Canadian charity. According to Stan, “Talize is a proud platinum partner of the Children’s Wish Foundation and through this partnership, we have contributed over $1.5 Million to date.” The Children’s Wish Foundation helps children, families and communities by granting a wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Talize also likes to participate in local community events such as the Vancouver Halloween Parade.

There are many wonderful reasons to consider shopping at Talize, and I would like to add one more…their store wide sale which has everything in the store at half price. The next sale is coming up on Monday, March 27th at all of their store locations. Doors open at 7am until 9pm.

For more news on the Grand Opening of their store in Langley, I would suggest subscribing to their Enewsletter and liking their local page on Facebook.

Talize Delta (BC)